Enterprise Mouchel

Enterprise Mouchel

The Challenge

It is well documented that on the UK road network overhead service cables provide an ongoing health & safety issue for contractors working on the highway. Procedures for minimising the risk when working in the vicinity of overhead power lines are in place, but managing the network at night or in poor visibility such as driving rain, snow & fog in the event of a major accident, can be very challenging. As a result of concerns about the promixity of power lines above the A38 trunk road in Cornwall. EnterpriseMouchel contracted JACS (UK) Ltd to ask for help in seeking a solution for highlighting the existence of the overhead service cables.

The Response

JACS (UK) Limited and EnterpriseMouchel (Area 1) actioned an intensive group discusssion in order to generate creative ideas and to stimulate a problem-solving solution. The concept of the JACS Overhead Hazard Post (OHP) was born. Manufactured from a recycled plastic laminate it has information etched though the yellow surface to reveal the black centre material. The base dimensions allow the OHP to fit inside standard marker post sockets found on the highway network.

The Benefit

The JACS OHP is a cost effective solution to an ongoing health & safety issue. It meets all the design criteria & has surpassed all the parties concerned. It was also evident that etching infomation into the surface of the post it has a distinct advantage over the more traditional self adhesive vinyls which can peel off or fade as a result of the weather, passing traffic detritus & UV light.

  • SAFETY: it is felt that the OHP is a safe & clear solution to the problem of highlighting overhead services.
  • MAINTENANCE: the colour & materials were selected to be low maintenance and to comply with the DFM (Design For Maintenance) directive because they do not require constant repair or replacement.

The Conclusion

“The JACS Overhead Hazard Post provides a simple but effective solution for marking overhead cables on the A38 in Cornwall. As it offers excellent durability and ease of mainenance I feel sure we’ll using the JCS OHP for many years to come.”

Mr Howard Jones (Area Steward West) – EnterpriseMouchel